Can Abundance Of Wealth Buy You Happiness

I happen to be a firm believer of giving immense value to non-materialistic, intangible things like love, friendship, a good relationship, having a good time with happy people, positive vibes and I could seriously go on like this. I am what one would call a fun loving person. But, there’s always a ‘but’ I also believe one needs to have some wealth in the bank account to do whatever and whenever you want to do. I read this quote somewhere which said “I have to get rich because I like expensive things,” this is incredibly true. People want good quality products at a lesser price, but that’s not how it works, you got to pay for what you want. And what you want may be cheap or expensive.

Hypothetically, if one wants the best phone on the market, it would be an iPhone, and one of those costs upwards of $1000. Now that is a lot of money, which would be an average individuals’ monthly income. Now, what should this person do? He/she should save up and fulfill their desires. Even if one is filled with wanderlust, it can be fulfilled by globetrotting. But that means spending a massive amount of money. Do you want to see the Hogwarts castle in Universal Studios in Los Angeles? That would be a $200 ticket for a one day pass. That can be interpreted as expensive. A person who lives pay check to pay check may find it hard to fulfill these dreams unless they save up some money.

After considering these points, I am pretty sure that, yes, money can buy happiness, as long as something that is tangible can make you happy. I personally love cars, and a Tesla would make me the happiest man on earth. But it is perishable. It will not last forever. In a few years, they will release the next one, and it goes on like that. I would still choose a healthy, symbiotic, ever-lasting, mutual friendship or a relationship over something that is materialistic any day, because I know, what I want may not be something I need.

Almost every human has lavish dreams, one where they want to travel the world, own the best cars, live in a huge fancy bungalow and if one wants to attain all these things it is a fact that they need to be wealthy. It is a fact of life that one has to work hard for these things, some are lucky enough to be born in the right family with a lot of riches, but the rest of them who have big dreams need to work for it. So I will conclude by saying YES, wealth CAN buy you happiness, but it ultimately depends on what makes you happy. One could still be incredibly unhappy sitting in a Ferrari because happiness is completely and utterly subjective.