Career Options In Finance

Finance is a great career to pursue and has witnessed massive growth over past two decades. Many fields and domains have emerged, solely in the field of finance and have created specialized professionals achieving great heights and are successful. We have known the time where people only knew arts, mathematics and science as the core subjects and worth pursuing a career in, the evolution in the field of commerce emerged very late, but since people have realized the opportunities in the field and have understood the true meaning of commerce, there is no getting back from the evolution in all manner. From banking to corporate world, from commercialization to equity management there is not even a single area, where finance has not left a mark of its expertise. All the fields require a great knowledge and expertise skills in the finance to take the business to new levels. A worthy financer is valued in every field and is in demand throughout his career.

There are many options to pursue a career in Finance

Investment Banking

The most interesting and one the top career in Finance is Investment banking. Investment bankers are usually also considered as roaring wolves of Wall street. The job of bankers is to deal with the clients instead of dealing with the investors individually directly. They try to suggest them into investing into major companies by providing certain deals and advisory services for their benefits. They also keep them updated with the mergers and acquisition of the activity the client is linked to. Being in the capital market, whenever the trade market is high, they do well by generating more and more revenue possible for the activities they have their client under taken.

Asset Management

When high Net worth people start taking an account of their assets, it becomes difficult for them to match with the trends and deals. The net worth of a person is the total value of a person in terms of all the things, cash and property he owns’ worth subtracted by every penny he owes. People who own many properties, or cars, or artifacts, their net worth grows massively. When it gets difficult for them to manage everything on their own, they hire an asset manager who takes care of all the related investments he makes and the profit generated by same. Professionals with the qualification of Charted Financial Analysis and Certified Investment Management analysis are best suitable for this job. The demand of asset managers is increasing with time, and with comfortable working hours it suits best to balance professional and personal life.